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Everything in Document Management

Have a whole set of processes and tools to take Document Management to another level; from Correspondence to Documentary Processes.

We are manufacturers

The source code ownership is entirely ours, giving us great facility for custom developments that meet specific needs. For any type of integration project, it does not require intermediaries, that facilitates and accelerates the creation.

Adaptive Design

The graphical user interface (GUI) is the same for the Desktop, WEB, and Mobile versions. Counting on a responsive design that adapts to any device.
Integral System

Multiple Features for Multiple Scenarios

Create, manage, administer, consult and safeguard documentation; from sending a correspondence to an document process. Everything in one place, everything is Master Documental.
Customizable Tools

Reports Engine

There is no limit in the design of report creation, you can incorporate elements such as images, barcodes, forms, graphs, tables, maps, even cross with other databases.
Friendly Interface

Comfort Setting

Any parameter that needs to be adjusted in Master Documental can be done quickly, easily and without any type of limit. No matter if they are metadata, document types, documentary series, T.R.D's, document flows, etc.

Some of Our Customers

Our time in the market has given us the privilege of having clients from the government, financial and educational sectors.

Do you want to Start?

Contact us to have the pleasure of serving you and offering you the best services.

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