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MASTER DOCUMENTAL is the result of a depth analysis of the most common needs in today’s organizations. The use of cutting-edge technologies ensures the use of the existing technological platform in any company. Its ease of use and simple knowledge transfer increase the success rate in any type of implementation.


  • Mission

    Business processes in any company are an essential part in the operation of the organization; With this component, we support transversely the mission software platforms that the entity possesses to serve as support and / or front of all the documentation generated within the mission processes.

  • Correspondence

    It allows you to manage everything related to the correspondence received and / or sent from the company in a physical and / or electronic way.

  • Documental Flows

    It manages the information of each of the components of the document management system within flows of documental information based on the files defined within the entity’s documental organization.

  • File

    File management in each of the retention cycles: management, principal and historical is a challenge in each entity. With this component the entire archiving process is facilitated to have the information at the right time and concurrently by the users who require it.


  • Database compatibility

    In the structural design of data we use pure SQL queries compatible with any database that invokes the international SQL standards.

  • Task monitoring

    The control of user activities and the ease of consultation allow quick access to these activities.

  • Information Storage

    Flexibility and ease will allow you to manage your storage scheme as you want; a single repository for more control or the information distributed on N servers.

  • Security

    We have three levels of security, at the level: profiles, categories and units.

  • Information query

    Our unique work interface following leading design and programming standards in the national and international market, allows us to ensure that the information consultation and report generation is a fairly simple task even for the inexperienced user.

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We are experts in Business Information Management, our portfolio includes all the necessary components to support the processes of digital transformation of documental flows, mission processes, archiving and correspondence.

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Our Management Model integrates services and products for the success of electoral campaigns, for the preparation of government teams, for public governance, the management, improvement strategy, for maintenance and growth in the electoral market.

BP Gestor Universitario.

Documental solution for the administration of research projects and/or thesis in university institutions. Solution based on the Master Documental engine.

Gestor Electoral

Administrator of electoral processes. Solution based on the Master Documental engine.

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Electronic Documental Managment.